US expose Jamaica's JUSTICE SYSTEM by solving GVN BUST at Wharf

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Jamaican man in the States pleads guilty to trafficking arms – While DDP to is give victim impact statement in US Court before his sentencing

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  1. These gun runners really want to destroy the people of Jamaica ,I wish the government would stop giving big jobs to people who have no idea what crime fighting is ,she has no business being in that position, the young recruits should be sent to the USA to learn the basics of crime fighting and discipline, intelligence gathering ,and crime scene investigations ,Jamaica system is the worst I've ever seen .

  2. The gal paula is a disgusting she don't have no heart all she is interested in is a guilty verdict. She is a woman without compassion. I wonder. If she have kids. Because every innocent person she send to prison its coming back to her god will take care of her

  3. Man fe full the barrels of food him a buy gun. Life US fe give him damn fool and btw when Paula done give har testimony them must cancel har visa and send har home pon a chartered flight for damn lazy, wutlist and having capitalized teeth

  4. Very great! Yup! Some money nuh share properly that's why this come out! I want him fi talk all a the rest a them who involve! Jamaica when are we gonna wake up and start love each other and stop the crime! Father GOD mi a beg you some intervention plz plz God mi a beg yuh wi caa Tek no more a this in Jamaica plzz