TVJ News: Driver Caught on Camera Performing Dangerous Stunt – August 20 2019

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  1. Chief look like a fool bout teaching moment… The man is not sincerely sorry you can hear it in his voice and his facial expression says it all.
    Get all police escort like him a somebody. He and the chief obviously knows each other putting his hand on his shoulder. Corruption at it's best. Using leniency to justify Corruption.

  2. Greetings from England! The answer is to disqualify this driver from driving for a period of time and to give him a severe fine so that he feels it in his bank account. If anyone watching this video really believes that he is going to amend his ways when he knows he can get away with a cute sorry – they are sadly mistaken. He was intentionally showing off at the time putting all nearby drivers at risk – what would have happened if one of them had been killed! If this had happened in England or the USA or Canada he would be straight in to the courts – no celebrity camera party meet with the police afterwards. This really does not look good when the police appear to be so understanding with an apparently affluent Jamaican, while at the same time dealing quite severely with poor minibus and taxi drivers for similar offences. That is one almighty poor excuse for a senior police officer – I recommend that he be encouraged to leave the Force and to join the Church.

  3. Irresponsible action unaccepted apology. What are other who have done the same and have been prosecuted. Unaccepted action also on the part of the police he identified and offence the proceed according to law caution the suspect ecta. Lookout for the back lash from the public. If needs be let the court decide the gate of his breach. That what the court is there for.

  4. What he and that police officer needs to do is go back to school to get a refresher course in the Queens English on how to properly construct it when speaking it????????????I was doing some fun with the car pupa jeezas ?????????sir I was doing some fun when I wrote this??????

  5. This is a typical hypocritical response from the Jamaica police leadership. If the "fast car is controlling" the driver's behavior; then it's time for that car to be brought under control. It should have been impound and crush at that very intersection to show that creating additional road hazards roadways will not be tolerated. The police gave up a great teaching moment. What they did is display their cowardice is a public way.

  6. Rules don't apply to rich people period…like who doesn't know that? Rules are schemes to keep the poor poor; it's like fencing cattle, they are only allow to move within the space of the fence…that's how the system make rules to trap the poor.

  7. Mr. Police Officer that is what you answer that God made earth in 6 days don't expect me to do it in one while the taxi drivers with 1000 tickets doing the same stunts with people's lives in the balance? We the public are not stupid! Sir this cannot be your answer. Wheel and come again. We know the buses and taxis are owned by you guys that is why so many blighs while those who own their own taxis are put under immense pressure while you let this man get away with bloody murder.