TVJ Midday News: Gov Raising Alarm Re Significant Increase in Influenza Cases – November 29 2019

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  1. They are putting the germs into you to so call, build up your immunity against the same germ. There is a growing outcry in the US against all these vaccines. Human longevity had decreased, and people get sick more often since mass vaccinations. Turn to the HERBS to keep your people healthy. Why is the JAMAICAN government doing the bidding of others to undermine their people?

  2. This vector control business in being done in a sloppy way by the ministry. This has been going on for much too long and they still cannot get a handle on it. We didn't have this problem when I was growing up as a child in Salt River, Clarendon. Back in the days, when it turned dark in the evenings, you had to go inside your home with mesh screens on your windows and doors or burn a mosquito repellant. Not one of us got any mosquito bourn disease from being bitten by the millions of mosquitoes flying about. Why can't the people see that this is another "set up" to undermine the population?

  3. don't let them fool you jamaican people,you lesson what him say he trying to tell you that them have some vaccine left over from sometimes now but them cannot use it because it out dated,dont let them fool you,soon you will here that them geting some vaccine from the us,nothing like that them already get million of vaccines from the ship to kill we off