TVJ Midday News: Cruise Ship in Jamaica Isolates Crew Member with High Fever – February 25 2020

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  1. Peter Phillips is so funny, I guess he thinks that we all have forgotten that he was once Minister of National Security and couldn't solve the problem then and neither could KD Knight or Bunting. I see on Wikkipedia a lot of lies are being told about his successes in various roles but I don't believe in alternative facts.

  2. PNP and Peter Phillips are trying to fool Jamaicans that's all,none of two political parties can't change the status quo.
    Both political parties and the government they form is corrupt, it was the same thing when they were in government. What is required to give Jamaica a chance, none of the two political parties will do it, sweeping constitutional changes is required, laws in place to investigate and arrest an get convictions of corrupt politicians, and all government officials ,from various government agencies chief among them is the JCF and customs,government will have to clean its house and Jamaicans are forced to follow .DON'T LET HIM FOOL YOU JAMAICANS, The only difference between the PNP and the JLP is between worse and worst. FIGHT BACK JAMAICANS AND JAMAICA.

  3. Based on the comments most ppl seems to be blaming the teacher. Jamaica is a society where teachers are so easy to be blamed. Why is it that when inform your child is sick, why not come to the school as a parent to pick up your child? What can we learn from this? Shouldn't it be the government now based on this incident..Put measure in place on what should happen when I child is sick at school? This is not up to the teacher? I bet no new measure will be in place so parents and teachers have a guide line to follow from here on.