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Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain updates you on the latest news on this radical new health threat.

Is it time to panic?

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Coronavirus cases emerge faster outside China: WHO
First case of #coronavirus in Pakistan confirmed by Officials.

Iran is now one of the epicenters of the #coronavirus outbreak, with the second-highest death toll after China.

US universities are canceling study abroad programs in Italy and urging students to return to the US amid soaring coronavirus cases.

A flight attendant for Korean Air who worked several flights out of Los Angeles International Airport has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Cruise Ship Denied Entry to Jamaica and Cayman Islands Amid Coronavirus Fears

Eighty-three individuals who had traveled to China being monitored for possible coronavirus infection in Nassau County, Long Island, NY

In unprecedented move, Israelis advised to avoid all travel abroad over #coronavirus

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  1. I honestly believe that the Australian bushfires were a catalyst for this population control with some elites obsessed with climate change. Being an Australian ex-soldier and government employee. Also, I have connections with DFAT. I was told two weeks before this broke and shared it on my Facebook. What is incredibly sinister is that a whole month had transpired just before Chinese New Year with persons travelling all over the world. I do think reinfection will be far more serious like what happened with the Spanish flu. Patient zero is also a Chinese courier that worked at the Wuhan labs and her profile has been erased and she has gone missing. The morgue worker who burned her body was linked to the first doctor who tried to blow the whistle and since died.

  2. i saw two chinese students waiting for over 5 hours for a van to arrive to take them somewhere. the driver had on a full body protection suit and mask – i cant be sure if he had goggles on
    no mention from the university of any students travelling to or from china since the outbreak

  3. For any company that does health and safety THIS is the best year in decades! We do masks, ventilatiors etc – and we‘ve sold 3 times our average in the month of February alone… Especially in Asia. And don’t believe any of the Chinese numbers… Duh.

  4. Watch closely. An American soldier in South Korea has tested positive for NCOVID19. American service personnel are heavily vaccinated. Cytokine storm risk?

    My hypothesis that the virus is just a laboratory administrative tool will be tested. But if it is a bioweapon, perhaps it is targeted at the American soldier. Increased fatality rate, heart degradation, and lung scarring in this population would be a biological air raid siren.