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  1. Toni, you are doing well. I'm here for all of your new endorsements and sponsorship deals. I hope you prosper beyond your wildest dreams. Keep your head up lady, you're winning. Your cockroach ex husband is watching, reading every comment and knowing the full impact of his inadequacy.

  2. Toni, your home is beautiful, I would totally buy it if you weren’t in cold ass Canada, lol, jokes. Don’t know if I’ve already said this but I’m there with you. My husband left last December, we have two kids. The first few months I didn’t sleep. Fast forward a year later I’m doing good. About to start my divorce process in the New Year and we’re co-parenting well. I despise seeing him most days but the fact that he sees the kids daily makes me push through. I say all that to say, you are doing it girl! F*ck him and his cheating ass. You got this and don’t ever forget! Love ya!

  3. You are awesome Girl Yass unfortunately we have to clean up the mess most times but I wish you nothing but the best because God removed that Man and look how your channel grew your face is Glowing you’re inspiring ppl all over to keep going no matter what you can cry but we have to keep going. Bless you and your friends God has you covered ❤️??? I look up to you seriously ??

  4. Love your headboard on your bed and I have to smile when your cleaning and it's a higher speed. I always think that young girl works rings around me. Bless you love your videos. I'm fairly new and wish you the best. To think you only I've an hour away.

  5. Soooo. A couple of videos ago i remember someone saying that you shouldnt be doing this and that because of finances. But… Do they not know life goes on? You still have friends, responsibilities, things you want to do… His life hasn't stopped, so why do so many people expect for yours to?

  6. Hi there, ladybug! 🙂 Just started the viewing but wanted to let you know that; #1, can't wait to see the wrap you ordered (what I ordered was a TOTAL "bust") and #2, so GREAT to seeing you smiling again! 🙂 God is watching over you BIG time– sponsors AND your numbers are SKYROCKETING!!! 🙂 K– continuing tha' viewing… Grandma Jazz 🙂 More to come (as I watch), I'm SURE!!! HAHAHAHA EDIT: P.S. reading through just SOME of the comments… I see that I'm not alone when I say SOOO many people are rooting AND praying for you! Don't block God's blessings for YOU. EVERY SINGLE thing happens, for a reason. 🙂 Stay STRONG and give thanks (to the Heavenly Father). 😉 And I TOTALLY agree with Regina Cordell (a commenter)– your house is TRULY GORGEOUS!!! I THINK you're going to be SO surprised when it's all said and DONE– you're going to be PAID!! 🙂 You've got SOOOO MUCH LOVE around you on "youNAZI" (and youtube is a BEAST, right now)! THUMBING up your upload and BRAVERY, right now!! With love and light– Grandma Jazz. 🙂