Tesha Miller Tr!@l: “I’m INN0C3NT,” Says Miller/JBNN

Tesha Miller Tr!@l: “I’m INN0C3NT,” Says Miller/JBNN

Tesha Miller the reputed Clansman G@*g leader who is on tr!@l for the mvrd3r of then Chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, Douglas Chambers, has professed his innocence this morning.

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  1. I wonder if Bert Samuels informed his client …that his trial has been the main focus of the public. If so he wouldn't say he's innocent ….maybe a petition need to be presented by people who know he killed there love one signed n dated of there love one name and date that he take their lives !!!!

  2. I believe him y'all need to stop jumping to conclusions this case is not solid from a killer in jail that get a sweet deal man do y'all have common sense to believe a jail house informant that got away with murder this is some B's and a BS case if y'all know the klansman gang is doing this y don't the police set up sting operation and break the gang back bone and charge them with racketeering , exstortion and domestic terrorism. Period tesha miller is not the end and the end justify the means to and end this case is a coverup the klansmen gang is run bye dirty ass gangbanging cops in uniform cut throat murdering thugs he is used as a fall guy to protect a bigger fish a well known business man a undercover King pen or Don