Shauna Chyn Breaksd0wn After Getting F!ght From Artistes & Lack Of Support From Fans



  1. That's just because we want you to GO AWAY Shauna Chin! You have NO talent and your background is FILTHY! We know that u are tired of fkn Joe & other random old disgusting men/perverts for the very little that u have, but maybe opening a boutique or a hair salon would be more appropriate for someone of your breeding, ilk & lifestyle! Gully Bop's ex, please GO AWAY!
    WE ARE NOT HERE FOR YOU, your lifestyle or whoever you proclaim to be! ?
    Koffee is in a league of her own & she has real talent & a strong machinery begin her! #LEVELSToThisSh*t

  2. She fuck up har own self when she go get involved with a mad man, she was an laughing stock n she still a laughing stock. Naah fight hard ting. Wish har the best but weh she a go thur now a the decision she mek when she pick up the mad man?

  3. Girl it’s not look don’t b full of u big cheek self… it’s your attitude… go learn a trade… For me I the only thing I see when I see u is gully bop… also the time u spend crying ask Spice to teach you stage presence and ask her dancers to teach u to dance… nothing wrong with your focus being a trade and sing on the side.. ok ms Shauna gully bop