The news today includes:

__ Coronavirus Peaks In China Says WHO

__ Marella Discovery 2 Cruise Ship Docks In Port Royal

__ 12,000 Housing Units To Be Built For Tourism Workers

__ Possible Additional Safety Regulations For Petroleum Industry

__ No License Prompted Caricel Raid

__ Bernard Lodge Development Master Plan

__ Assistance For Sugar Farm Workers

__ New BOJ Foreign Exchange Platform Expected By March 31

__ Forex Trading

__ JSE Index Moves Up

__ Bustamante 136 Birthday

__ Social Media Platforms To Engage Cubans

__ Portmore United Gunning For Cruz Azul

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  1. Glad to hear that positive plans are being made for the farmers and sugar lands in St. Catherine. Are there any plans for the farmers and the Duckenfield Sugar Co.lands in Eastern St. Thomas?. This Parish has been underdeveloped and neglected for too long. I would hate to think that the people of Eastern St.Thomas are being punished for having a member of parliament from the opposition party… And by the way, what happen to the statue of National Hero Paul Bogle that was installed in front of the now burnt out remains of the MORANT BAY Court house, …can somebody explain ????.

  2. Those guys who are spreading the disease throughout the world, they should be put in prison. This is nothing really new with these wicked people in general, because everyone is fighting for world powers.
    That who makes the most dangerous diseases to take effects on people, the whole thing is biological warfare against countries. China should haveto paid for the damages it cost other countries, by ruin other countries health care problems,also economics.

  3. Nobody is going to believe that what Edmond Bartlett is saying about building 12,000 new houses in the next 3years,those new houses he is talking about.
    Is what the PNP party government was started to built those projects, and the JLP party government took over and. Trying to completed now is trying to take credit for, something which they were not interesting in. Edmond Bartlett is a long time minister from the days of Edward George Seaga, and he never built a house into his constituency. Edmond Bartlett spent 8.5 years in politics under Edward George Seaga government, and he never built a house into his constituency. He only using the PNP party government unfinished projects to making himself looking good, he can only fooled some people but. Most people knowing he is very much lying, I know him over the years when he was a young man into politics. We all know that Edmond Bartlett is never talking the truth at no time, he is a trickster. He is the minister of tourism and he didn't know that the hotels workers,didn't have a pension plan for retirement over all these years.That to showed you people that the guy is all for himself, he does not cares about the thousands of workers working in the industry over the years. It is really sad that all the workers working in the tourism industry over the years, and the government taking money from their pay cheques. Then later learned from the minister after years,that there is no benifits is ,there for them. That is really terrible to know after so many years paying towards the system, the workers should asked minister Edmond Bartlett. Where is the money going to, and demanding that their money returned to them.
    Which was deducted from their pay cheques over the years, where the money went to. The workers must demands some form of answers from the tourism industry minister, who get those money and. Where it went to, but you are talking about building 12,000 new houses in the next 3years in his constituency. Which nobody with sense,is going to believe that what Edmond Bartlett is is saying.