NEGRIL Businessman & Italian Wife $H@TT & MVRD3RED Puts Jamaica AT RISK With Tourists

NEGRIL Businessman & Italian Wife $H@TT & MVRD3RED Puts Jamaica AT RISK With Tourists,



  1. im just sorting out my duel nationality but the way things are going there with all the killings i have to rethink and say to myself am i going to put my life on the line even though i dont run around with gangs am i prepared to loose my life and it could be over a stray bullet and then you have the robbery side because i travel around and like to go party i am just putting myself at risk ill wait now till things cool down want to spend xmas with my mom but hey theres the new year and hopefully the country will be in a better place

  2. Some of these people cannot, or WILL NOT compete so they eliminate their competition so that they can get their customers. SO SAD, we have to learn to compete, set and reach higher goals. Competition makes us better. We need to change our mindset. So many Jamaicans who are in the Diaspora want to come home but they are afraid of the jealousy that is going on and people who do not wish others any good. Some want to drive Jamaica their own country into the ground or poverty. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?

  3. Let me spin this another way. The second black man with a white woman that has been brutally murdered for the world to see. Also, he is a business person with high goals and successes. Some people don't like to see us reach where they are so they cut us off at the path. These rich and wealthy people need to have cameras installed in secret places. They cannot live in Jamaica without this, especially with the abysmal rate of crime being solved in the country.

  4. There is something very fishy going on with all this crime business. All these high profiles, highly-rated hotels, and resorts being build in Jamaica and NOT ONE OF THEM ARE CRYING OUT or threatening THE GOVERNMENT TO SOLVE THE CRIME or else they are pulling out of Jamaica. THIS IS VERY STRANGE, and to put the ICING ON THE CAKE, the government officials appear so inept and behave as if nothing is happening. They appear as 'dears caught in headlights", always shocked and caught off guard. They are NOT THAT DUMB. They are being paid off for some other purpose.

  5. Jamaica is bringing in all these tourists and some of them are coming down there to DO DRUGS and perform other illicit activities. When I hear some tourists speak, they say that they come to Jamaica to do drugs, Marijuana or some other sort of drugs. They like Jamaica because it has little or NO restrictions on flagrant living, anything goes and the police and law enforcement are inept to manage the large influx. Also, many businesses and business persons, become involved in the illicit trade to get a quick buck to bolster their business because of the high level of tourists who enter the island and bring in more dollars than they can get from the locals. JAMAICA has made a PACT with the DEVIL and TOURISM because the fruits of this product are not conducive to a stable, peaceful, law-abiding society. We need NEW LEADERSHIP who can see through this and understand that they have created a NEW SODOM AND GOMORRAH and that Jamaica will NEVER be a PEACEFUL place to raise families. Jamaica can only be a SAND, SUN, SEA, and party. It is going to SINK again if it RETURNS to the roots of how the pirates used the island in the past. God is NOT PLEASED with this.