MY NEW CURLY HAIR ROUTINE | After 15 years of bad habits | CURLY GIRL METHOD

After 15 years of bad habits I wanted to share my new curly hair routine! The Curly Girl Method is going to be such a relief and I’m so excited to start my healthy hair journey! These new DevaCurl curly hair products are so much nicer than my old ones lol! Thank you all for your encouragement and pushing me to turn to a more natural hair routine! All the healthy hair products I used are below!

(Disclaimer: We are not getting paid to say or recommend any of these products)

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Red Pimento Oil SET:
Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Shampoo with Red Pimento:
DevaCurl One Condition Original:
Devacurl Buildup Buster Hair Cleanser:
DevaCurl Heaven-in Hair Moisture Treatment:
DevaCurl B’Leave-In curl Boost and Volumizer:
DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam:
YoungLiving Tea Tree Oil:
Moroccan Argan Oil:

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  1. Savannah, I’ve always loved your hair?!! Therefore, you should be able to wash and take care of it anyway you want…all of us women take many journeys with our hair….some good and some bad?! If you’re happy with it, that’s perfect?! Mike is such a sweetheart of a guy….so what if you have grey in your hair! I think you two are such a sweet, wholesome couple and you look fantastic together?! Don’t worry about other people…God made you just the way He wanted to and we all know God doesn’t make mistakes!!!

  2. I am guy and have very long curly hair like yours. I drown my hair in coconut oil for about hour before washing. Works wonders. Once washed I spray Infusium leave in conditioner into it. Also once washed and still drying. I put more coconut oil on the last 6 inches of my hair (especially the tips). Works for me. No frizz.

  3. Savannah your hair is beautiful! I know there are challenges with each type of hair but I would love to experience having thick curly hair like yours ??‍♀️
    My hair is straight as a board and each strand is very thin. I have a lot of it but because my hair strand is so thin you can’t tell. You have inspired me to do some research and try some products created for my thin straight hair!! ??‍♀️
    Mike you need to use some color in your hair ? Love your channel!!

  4. If you feel like your hair feels dry after using the Deva Curl products don't give up on the method – lot's of us curly girls are protein sensitive (Deva Curl has a lot of protein – my hair started breaking and falling out like crazy when I used that brand or any other brand with high protein). There are plenty of GREAT products out there though with no protein if you find you have this problem. People either love that brand or can't use it.