My Chargie aka Best Friend's Birthday in JAMAICA 2019 | Vlog

Wha gwan!!

Been a min. Hope all is well with my warriors.
I have been busy preparing for the cold winter ahead. Decided to join my bestie on a birthday vacay to Montego Bay Jamaica!!!! Life is short so make memories with those that matter the most.

About 4 years ago, on the exact same weekend, I called Craig from my hospital bed and asked him if he would come to Jamaica with me for my cousins wedding. My parents, siblings, hubby, and my baby girl had all gone ahead.
Although they wanted to stay back with me, I encouraged them to go, in hopes that my hospital stay would be short and I would catch up with them once I got things with my sickle cell under control. I got sick the night before the flight and had to be admitted. I still had hopes that I would be discharged and still could make it to my cousins wedding. I was a bridesmaid, my daughter a flower girl and my husband was the DJ. I figured if the pain was bearable, I could still make it, I wanted/needed someone to travel with me since I wasn’t 100% well…Anywhooo, without hesitation Craig said “Yea no problem”….
There are very few people in the world, that will drop anything in their busy life to accompany you anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the morning of I learned I had pneumonia and a stomach ulcer, so I was unable to go. (missing out, still upsets me to this very day). I was so sad to miss one of my best cousins wedding and Neri’s (my daughters) first trip to Jamaica.
It’s ironic, that my bestie and I, came to the same resort, the same weekend we missed all those years ago!!
We met cool new friends, caught a ton of jokes and most importantly, got to celebrate Craig’s birthday. I am truly grateful for the amazing people around me, the blessings I have in life. Taking nothing for granted.
We had an awesome time, mostly relaxing and enjoying the Jamaica sunshine.

We stayed at