The date was March 8, 2019. THE WEEKEND STAR had further thrust Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis into the limelight by making her the cover story. Mackerel defends ‘tekking people man’, the headline screamed.

For many, the thought of publishing such a story on International Women’s Day was repugnant. But little did they know that this shy social media sensation who boldly threatened to ‘tek people man’, was on her way to becoming a star in her own right.
“People had good and bad to say about me, but I took the negativity and mek it build me. I tried my best to let go of the negativity, but at the end of the day, a dem motivate me. A them help,” a reflective Mackerel said.

She broke the Internet and became a focal point at many entertainment events. This high-school dropout was having fun, but the best was yet to come. One of her major highlights since finding fame was getting the opportunity to travel. She was all smiles as she reminisced on the day she got a visa to travel to Canada.
“Even when I got my visa, people had bad things to say about me, but they don’t realise that I am not fazed by it. I grew up hearing my father say that people will always talk, whether you do good or bad. When I got the visa, I was astonished because when I was little, I used to say I wanted the plane to come for me. I thought that I would have to work real hard for it. I did not expect to get it so soon,” she laughed.
In addition to travelling to Canada, Mackerel has flown to Antigua, the Cayman Islands, St Kitts, and England.
In addition to serving up gimmicks, the precocious teen has become an entertainer. She admitted that there are days when she performs and feels very shy, especially when she is in Jamaica, but she is trying her best to get over that fear and attack her career more fiercely.
“I am a shy person. When I am in Jamaica, I get shy because Jamaicans are harsh. I want to give a good performance, but when I am overseas, I am less shy. I did not expect all this, but I am glad that I am here. My life is the perfect example for others out there, because people cuss me and degrade me, but I am currently living my dream. Nuff people nah do that, so mi nah watch no one. Mi a do me,” she said.
For the coming year, Francis said she is looking forward to more shows and more travelling. She said that people should also be prepared to hear some great songs from her.