Jamaica's wealthy people

Most Jamaicans are not rich, but so many are so very wealthy (meaning they have met all their daily needs)!



  1. What is wealth? To a blind man, sight is wealth. To a homeless man, a solid roof over his head is wealth. It is not always about money. Let us think with our hearts and the wisdom that God gave us and not what 'the world' says. To the world wealth is yachts and 20 bedrooms houses: get real. I am wealthy. No big bank account and lavish house etc. BUT, today I am 70 years old, alive and very well; a roof over my head, food in the house, clothes on my body, I can pay my way. I can see, walk, talk, hear, understand.
    Now answer me—–am I not wealthy? Each of us have something/s that make us wealthy, be thankful and when you can, help another.

  2. Thanks for highlighting the positives! For the Americans especially, that wants to look down on the few that goes there for work, we all have a aim and that's why we take all your "shit" because we know its only temporary, then we go back to our perfect climate that you have to save a lifetime for.

  3. you should stfu this is coming from a jamaican and my house is way bigger than all of those homes in the video and I'm still in the middle class homes are alot cheaper in Jamaica than other countries does not make them rich leave videos about Jamaicans to actual Jamaicans please and thank you

  4. This video is trash. Not talking about the colorism which affects many in JA financially. When I become President in the US. Im building my own "camp david" style in uptown JA. A signal that colorism is defeated. Im ridding region of light skin cake soap bastard blks. Ya Nuh Gud.