Jamaican Style Banana Chips Made in Japan by a Jamaican ( Getting back into the groove of vlogging)

Bless Up ReggaeSteem and the entire Steem community. Here is me getting back into the groove of vlogging by testing out this Banana chips sample I got from a Jamaican here. If all goes well I will be selling these on my web page based here in Japan.

I also touch on the on-boarding initiative we have going on on ReggaeSteem where we are looking for people from the Caribbean ( or related to the Caribbean) to join and be mentored by the community. The referees get 75 Steem delegation so they can post their content without worrying about RC ( or even knowing about it this early on). The referrers get 10,000 JAHM delegation which they can share with their referee if they wish. See more details on the initiative in this post by @conradsuperb.