Jamaica News Today June 1 2019/JBN

Jamaica News Today June 1 2019/JBN
Renato Adams

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  1. JAMAICA must have a stricker gun law….when tings like this what happen in may pen… JAMAICA no investigate it and come up with result..ppl just dont hear nothing about it…this need to stop..investigate n get result n put these criminals in jail..and u see a difference.

  2. I hope they're really have the right person s I'm not intentionally crossed the wrong person problems those guys in the robbery the walking the body language they are train people that pictures was not a gunman the blind could see. I hope the government is not a shame to expose the right individual please do not play no corruption we need Justice

  3. One has to wonder what kind of evidence do they have since Jamaica currently don't even have a DNA database and showed such levels of lack of resource and incompetence, I find it very strange that after those criminals carry out such a meticulous heist, that they would sit around carelessly to be captured.

  4. Adams write…them need tough policing…gun man no fi run the country… put the ppl tax money to good use…hire nuff police..n past tuff law for ppl that that injured police…these ppl must obey n respect the law of the country .bun out corruption n bring these police to justice that corrupt..n all these tings..only way u ago see a difference.no one is above the law.