Jada Kingdom W@RNS Female Artistes & Says Shes One Of The B@DDEST In Jamaica



  1. Shauna Chin look like wet bread inna the thumbnail! She need fi go back fi har surgery money! ??????????
    Jada is the TRUTH! Doa play wid her! She's supremely TALENTED & she didn't come here to play with you hoes! ???? The stage needs hella work tho Mama!

    As for you vlogger, mi like yu, but yu bias fi Shenseea BAD! Shenseea deh pon life support wah day & yu a do everything fi save har! Lol!

  2. Jada I’m a musician and from the first time I heard her I knew she just needed some time and because of how many females in the space is just about sex sex sex and nothing else I admire her for tackling the realities of life instead and being different……go girl and your turn is coming and those who doubted you will see and hear loud and clear ??????