‘I Was Not Trying To K!ll My B@by,’ Says Mother /JBNN

‘I Was Not Trying To K!ll My B@by,’ Says Mother /JBNN

‘I Was Not Trying To K!ll My B@by,’ Says Mother /JBNN

A 34-year-old woman who reported a bizarre to!let b!rth has denied allegations that she tried to k!ll the n3wborn.

Gaysharine Whyte, of New Road in Yallahs, St Thomas, claims to have been unaware that she was pr3gnant and has protested her innocence. Whyte alleges to have passed out what appeared to be a sn@ke in a toilet last Saturday night.

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  1. Lock her up make an example of her she's an adult with common sense, that snake story is BS. if you can't afford these babies use protection or close your legs. Not even her neighbors buying this nonsense story then they trying to blame it on "obhea or bad belly".

  2. She knew that she was pregnant baby kick and move in a woman belly. If she a tell the truth her head no good, because she not making any sense. Bout you give birth to a baby on the floor or inside the toilet, so a who cut the umbilical cord all that blood baby crying and all. I don't believe her story sounds to me she was hoping the baby died the next day. If that child did died or drowned and she a come tell this lie and story she would be arrested for manslaughter and mental institution. From day one she knew what she was going to do, that's why she no go a no doctor and playing this game with the pastor.
    It's like she did a setup the man with the machete what if the baby didn't cry and him open the toilet and start chopping without looking.

  3. Let God be the judge for this I went to doctor 5 an it come negative an this was in England till one day I feel like I want to poo an it can't come call the ambulance is a baby . Stop bring down the woman .thank you lord that the baby is okay.i experience that it can happen.