Epsom District In St Mary M0URN$ D3@th Of Stvdent/JBNN

Epsom District In St Mary M0URN$ D3@th Of Stvdent/JBNN

Kimesha Stewart and the community of Epsom District in St Mary m0vrns the d3@th of Kimora Whyte a stvdent of Epsom Primary.

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  1. It would have been nice of the teacher to contact the parents or send the child to the school nurse if that school has one. But however the teacher can only enforce the school policy that she agreed to uphold. If it is not a requirement for the teacher to keep the child in school, send her to the nurses office, or contact her parents she will not be held liable. Department of education needs to make it mandatory that any school child under the age of 18, that is not feeling well should have someone come and pick them up. Sickness is something that can make you feel weak and disoriented. As a parent I personally would not have sent that child home. She could have let her stay in a corner of the classroom if they don't have a nurse office in the school.