China in Jamaica They wont see it coming

In this video we talk about China and its business in Jamaica. Many are skeptical and believe that China is there for many different things and we describe the type of takeover that is going to happen, and how it is going to happen in a way that Jamaicans will not see it coming. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



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  2. Brother you are so right ????. I said before what happens if Jamaica can't pay???.

    Take over Jamaica ports??‍♀️?, very business minded ??. You think them joke, for real.

    In Canada they CARTER to us in their stories ??‍♀️music and all.

    Yes I see it, the blind can see it ??‍♀️✌?????

  3. Soulflo i tell ppl this all the time, its nothing new but once they take over jamaica whats going to happen to the jamaican ppl? I tell ppl that the chinese are going to get ships and ship us to Africa, dwrfl but its true. Especially how china is over populated. Its like every time give the chinese contracts, they give them free land in jamaica. Wat da f@#k!!! Wait till dem open up da mandarin speaking school in yard. I always tell ppl theres going to be a revolution in jamaica, just wait and see. Big up yourself big bredda.

  4. Blackwomen and Chinese men, like Black men and white women. They are the next settlers. Cos some of us suffer from inferiority complex. I am been telling fools., they are clever people and are visionary race. Independent Jamaica, mi back foot

  5. Interesting how the so called "Yellow" races are quietly buying up the world's good real estate. And most of the good lands are where the melaninated people are. So it seems like the world needs our lands, our bodies through under paid labor, our bodies for extending their existence on this planet or for some kind of genetic uplift and improvements, our creativity, our melanin but they don't need us, the people except for exploitation. WOW!!! I wonder what would happen if we suddenly had our on planet with a galactic sign telling everyone, "Non melaninated StarSeeds beings NOT allowed within a 5billion mile radius of this planet on threat of total destruction of their world and Surrounding planets. And we have the juice and tech to back it up. I just wonder what all of these various degrees of vampires would do then? Feed off of each other? But they don't have what we have. So they can just destroy each other until they are no more OR would they join forces to jointly come after their only source of energy, food, creativity and divine creation? Number 2. And yet they claim that we are nothing and nobody. Really! Yes, we shall witness who and which are the nothing's and the nobodies. And very soon.

  6. What this is saying, every other nation of people have 2 eyes, but the black only have 1.
    Because we only keep our eyes watching each other..
    The black race was taught to hate themselves so we see every other race has God.
    We are the only set of people that want to replace ourselves by having children with every other nation. We
    We are the only race of people that trust every other nation except our own.. So it very easy for pus and dog to capture and Enslaved us.
    But I still believe there is a higher power that will save us.

  7. SouFlo' what i do not understand is why does Jamaica that is a democrat island the Ministers is selling out the whole Island without notifying the people of the Island, that is not a democrat system it is more of a communist system more like an Rudolph Hitler system without the physical aggressive

  8. Cant blame the Chinese, they are not forcing anyone to accept their loans, the Jamaican and African governments are practically on their hands and knees begging for China's assistance with everything – so they get what they get, if they are dumb enough to not read the fine-print before they sign for the loans, then so be it…

  9. Greetings SOUFLOTV… Give thanks for teaching Di people dem. However, the mindset of ordinary poor people beit in Jamaica or UK seem to be infantile , unable to think in an analytical way. Unable to challenge " Authority ".
    Your100% right..heard what they been doing to the Uyghurs?.

  10. well to all those complacent in peace Jamaica pulling in self in to hands of a dangerous empire i can only ask if we buying roads we buy some warships , jets, every tool of modern warfare and a build a capable army Hong Kong is democracy which has already fallen to the empire Taiwan under treat of ( open ) invasion by the empire and big Australia found out a spy of the empire nearly joined there parliament.