Calabar Teacher Charged for Impersonating Police: TVJ Midday News – February 13 2020

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  1. Am over joyed the first person was release and I am praying for the other 2 persons. Am am also concern about the person they interact with before their flights on the plane and in the airport (both direct and indirect contact). People let us all continue to pray without ceasing because only God only can heal the sick and prevent us from getting this virus.
    Side note: what we still don't have the necessary facilities and equipment to test for this virus.

  2. I dont know if I trust these people. We dont know who these people are who were isolated and to confirm that this #1 case will be sent home or sent elsewhere. Maybe they even set up the whole thing with persons coming in under pretence that they travelling from China so they can take them to make it appear as if they have the sitiation under control. Just like thePM told us when he called the by election in Clarendon that he could not leave the people without representation. Now we are hearing something different coming straight from his mouth
    "Prime Minister Andrew Holness said yesterday that the by-election would be a test of the readiness of the constituency for a general election, which is constitutionally due in 2021 but is likely to take place this year"

  3. Its judgement happening to Jamaica because the coming if the God of Israel is near, our 4parent put into slavery and was scattered in the Caribbean according to Deuterony 28:68, because of them disobeying their GID commandments and were give a god to bow down to who is our slave master. Christianity is a liar and is time Jamaica turn back to their God who look like them and the only true living GOD the God of Israel, so until you turn to your GOD the situations wont change. Over 400 years you been worshipping the white man god and your GOD is jealous. Every nations have their gods. CHRIST is black described in Revelation 1, HE has wooly hair like us and so dark HE look like HEwas burned in a furnace and Daniel 7:9 described how GOD hair is pure wool, that nean is hair is so natty that you could not see any of texture HE never gave us christianity that is the Roman's white man religion. God gave us commandments. Statues and laws to follow and keep. Not one scripture in the bible say become a christian. Turn to your God and things will change, the bible is the black man book. In slavery they use it to manipulate you and beat christian in our 4fathers who they bring over this part of the world in slave ships.

  4. They are only stressing about persons coming from china, what about the persons that are traveling from the other countries that have the virus. I work in the hotel industry and am concerned because i come in contact with persons that are traveling from the infected countries

  5. What about the chinese people that are living in vineyard town and are set loose in the whole kingston community going to operate their grocery stores. I hope if that virus broke out in Jamaica that the people will deal with" aka money god Andrew Satanist" and" aka Thiefton" ministry of health very harsly.

  6. The government need to do something about these companies these overseas companies don’t respect black peoples they don’t look at us like humans I know they couldn’t do that in Canada 🇨🇦 USA England or France 🇫🇷 we have a speak up for our rights