A Trip To Blue Hole | Ocho Rios Jamaica | First Time!

A Trip To Blue Hole | Ocho Rios Jamaica | First Time!

Our first time in Blue Hole Ocho Rios Jamaica and man, it was a blast. I didn’t get to dive off though as I can’t swim and I just don’t trust the lifejacket. But that didn’t stop the fun. Others were diving and jumping off like crazy, now that was fun!

Do Enjoy!

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  1. At 1:00 – you said bauxite? But that’s not a bauxite site. That’s where Tankweld have their depot. You didn’t show bauxite vessel at D.Bay unfortunately.
    I tell you, Travier is a natural for the cameras.
    So, I gotta say this was quite a nice trip. Not that much to do but that’s why you make it as fun as you want. Beautiful scenery and that water, that blue water is sooooooooo inviting!

    Good one y’all.